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I love that mytaxi has such a clear vision and mission. It is very inspiring to work for a company that is taking part in the redefinition of the city movement.


Besides the ridiculous beautiful view from my desk, my favorite thing about mytaxi is definitely my colleagues.


I’m extremely passionate about mobility and transport- having spent over 15 years in the industry I’m still fascinated about how it impacts peoples everyday lives.


What moves me every day is what I believe is the most substantial value within the company, passion! Passion to make a positive impact into others.


If you are passionate about a topic, you have the chance to influence it at mytaxi and eventually change someone else’s life.


It is a great opportunity to be part of this change. There are always new challenges, new things to learn and to change.


The incredibly talented wide variety of people that come together to work on the future of mobility. mytaxi provides the feeling of working for something of value and purpose.


I work for mytaxi for more than 7 years now and it was such a great thing to see the development of the company and especially of my location.