Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a job?

The most convenient way to apply for a job at mytaxi is via our job board. Please upload your CV there. You only have to fill out the relevant fields and your application is automatically added to the correct job.

What if I can’t find a vacancy that suits my skills?

You can easily upload your CV as an unsolicited application / Initiativbewerbung on our job board.

What do I have to include in my application documents?

To give us a first insight regarding your experience, it is important that you include at least your CV and fill in the required fields in our job board. 

Can I apply with any of my social media profiles?

You have the option to apply with your LinkedIn profile.

Will my application be considered for multiple vacancies that suit my profile?

Yes, it will. We will match your skills according to our open jobs. You can also apply for multiple jobs if you see more than one suitable or interesting one matching your skills and expectations.

What happens to my data after I got hired/declined?

Intelligent Apps GmbH ("mytaxi") collects, processes and uses your application data solely for the purpose of staffing and ensures an adequate level of data protection during this process. mytaxi will delete your application data in case of refusal not later than three months after the rejection, unless you grant us the consent to the storage of your data for the purpose of later recruitment. You will be asked for your consent when you apply. You can revoke this consent at any time and mytaxi will delete your data. The revocation can be send to at any time.

Do I have to apply in English or in my mother tongue?

Please apply in English. If the job post is in German, you can apply in German as well.

I have been referred for a job. Are there special instructions how to apply?

There are no special instructions. The person who referred you will upload your application / CV which is how we can see that you have been referred in our system.

Why do I have to give my salary expectations?

In order for us to get a complete picture of you and what you are looking for in your new job at mytaxi the salary expectation is one piece of the puzzle.

I don’t live in the location I applied for. Does mytaxi offer relocation service?

Yes, we are very open for applications from all over the world. We will give you a hand with individual support during your relocation. We work with a relocation agency regarding all visa related processes to ensure a fast and thorough procedure.

How do I submit my results for a coding challenge?

You can submit your results under the link we sent you with the test.

How long does the interview process take?

Depending on the availabilities of the involved people and how fast you work on the test we sent you. Of course we will try to be as fast as possible.

How long do I have to work on the test?

This can vary depending on the department between 3-7 days. There is always the possibility to be granted more time.

When do I get feedback regarding my test?

You will usually get feedback within one week after submitting your results and not later than two weeks.

How can I log into the zoom call?

Download and log into the call via the link we have sent you in the confirmation mail. You do not need a meeting ID or password. Please make sure your audio and video function is tested and working properly.

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