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Instant access

The fastest way to get a taxi - allowing customers to pay with cash or by card.

Track bookings in real-time

View the status of the journey as the taxi arrives and departs.


Give your guests peace of mind and book their journey in advance.

Focus on what matters

mytaxi provides professional, licensed drivers in minutes, giving you time to focus on your service.

Web Booker

An easy-to-use tool to order taxis instantly or in advance from any desktop or tablet. Give your customers a sense of security and send them an automated text message when their car has arrived with their driver's details. Those placing bookings can monitor the journey progress live on-screen.

Taxi Butler

Be one step ahead - order black cabs with just the press of a button. The device is connected to your business address, allowing you to book taxis instantly for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding mytaxi hospitality? Check out our FAQ's.
If your question is not answered within the FAQ's then please use the contact form above to get in touch with your local sales manager.

What is mytaxi | Hospitality?

mytaxi | Hospitality has been designed specifically for Hotels & Restaurants, allowing you to book instantly for your guests using our online Web Booker, App or Taxi Butler.

How do I book a cab for our guests?

There are 3 ways to book a cab for your guest; Online Web Booker, the mytaxi app or a Taxi Butler. For each option the system is pre-loaded with your details so that you can book a cab for your guest at the tap of a button keep track of it's arrival.

How to cancel a cab?

While there is no penalty to you for cancelling a trip, we do ask that if a taxi is no longer required that you cancel it as soon as possible. We have very quick response times (only a couple of minutes in Central London) so please ensure your guest knows this before you book the cab to prevent cancellations.

How can I tell my guests which cab is theirs?

Regardless of how you book a cab through mytaxi, once a driver has accepted the journey you will receive the drivers name, phone & registration number as well as a countdown to arrival.

My guest has left an item in the back of a cab, how do we retrieve the item?

You receive all the drivers details when booking the cab so feel free to contact them directly. If the booking is no longer on the system, the quickest way to get in touch with us is via the 'contact' button on the Web Booker.